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EYardstick sources candidates in a very optimal way by leveraging social recruiting concepts and its partnered skill providers where the scarcity of specialised talent is on rise. Monthly contests, Certification tests, academic skill enhancement tests are few ways used to stack up a strong talent database. EYardstick has proven success in sourcing talent through assessments at a cost efficient and faster pace.

Assessments tailored for any role

From fresher hiring to advanced lateral hiring – we have it all covered. Choose from a plethora of topics and create assessment patterns tailored to your needs in a few clicks.

Conducting interviews is easier
than ever before

Conduct one-to-one or bulk interviews for any role effortlessly.
It gets even simpler for interviewers to provide feedback,
rating and status of selection in an instant!

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EYardstick is the best online assessment software to reduce Learning and Development time by engaging your candidates. Send newsletters, schedule tests, combat joining dropouts with engagement activities & coding contests and many more.

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