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Identify the right fit for a role even before the actual hiring process. Discover great talent Better and Faster.

Redefine your way of identifying and hiring talent by using online assessments

EYardstick’s pre-employment tests enable Hiring teams with detailed insights on Candidate’s Knowledge, Skill and disposition measured by Online Video Interviews to take a justified decision in screening out misfits, saving a lot of time and effort.

Be it Coding, Sales Aptitude, Customer Support, Entry Level or any other Role; EYardstick evaluates the skill for almost any role with equal flair.


Why EYardstick ?

Comprehensive evaluation of a resource in various dimensions with a EYardstick test outputs perfect match for the role. Interviewing test qualified candidates will yield up to 100% conversion in subsequent rounds of assessment.

Time doesn't waits for anyone grab the oppurtunity that is near to you

Cut early stage screening time by up to 75%

On demand video interviews with skill tests tailored specific to a role, removes everyday headaches associated with preliminary interviews. Rule out applicants that do not meet your criteria and select only the best for further round of interviews.

Quality Hires

Quality Hires with up to 70% less effort

Significantly reduce the time to hire, So your best talent aren’t lost to other employers. Need for scheduling interviews, no shows and unsuitable candidates, are all handled by EYardstick so your team can focus on talking to the right candidates to onboard.

Improve The Conversion

Improve the conversion of your In-Person Interviews

EYardstick’s Pre Employment Tests screen candidates for various parameters resulting in a set of best talent for the open position. Now the In-Person interviews are all about selecting the better out of the best than hunting for good among the lot.

Make Hiring Team’s Life Easier

Make Hiring Team’s life easier

Recruiters go through endless CV’s to bring the best for a role. But unfortunately it is observed that over 56% of the CV’s are embellished with content which is not real. EYardstick’s online tests analyse the fit for a role beyond CV’s helping in reduction of rejections.

Better Candidate Experience

Better Candidate Experience

EYardstick lets candidates take the assessments at their convenience, ruling out the need to synchronise schedules for a telephonic interview. Also digital interviews and skill assessments as an initial screen appeals to the best talent with higher expectations.

Job Description Based Tests

Job Description based Tests

No two roles are similar, So standard tests are not apt to identify the right fit. EYardsitck tests are customised to match the criteria needed for the role. A test for every role can be built by choosing the topics, toughness levels and type of analysis (Knowledge, Skill or Video Interview).

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