Save 70% of time & effort-per-hire through
technology assessments

250+ Technical Skill Sets

EYardstick is equipped with a plethora of skill sets to assess laterals. Almost, every language, technology, operating system, servers, systems, database are covered. All questions & technology assessments are created and developed to meet global standards.

25+ Process Areas

We understand for assessing a lateral, its not only Core Tech, resource should also come with a process, project manage ment & compliance understanding perspective. Be it ITIL, PMI based, Agile Scrum, 6 Sigma.

Practical knowledge matters the most !


Ideal to assess a test taker’s problem solving and troubleshooting skills. A complete program will be given to the candidate with some induced errors to be solved. These are also called fix the error questions. Question will be valuated against pre-fed test cases inputs. Code quality analysis reports aids in better decision making process for hiring managers.

Coding/Scripting Questions

When it comes to an experienced professional hiring, it is apt to judge on his programming skills relevant to the position and know his competency. Our coding and scripting platform can be trained for the specific requirment. Example of the roles we cater to Developer, Automation Tester, DevOps, Release Engineer, DBA, System Admin and more

Detail Reports

A detailed report of individual performance is generated post exam and is available for viewing on all devices. The comprehensive information provided in the reports will enable hiring managers to make better decisions.

Continue assessing further or conduct
interviews post the assessment.

Personality Tests

EYardstick’s graduate personality assessments can help identify a better match and understand candidates’ behavioural dimensions. Business critical roles demand understanding of the person before they are on boarded. This helps hiring managers and HRs to align a training plan and better plan the knowledge transfer Sessions.

Conduct Interviews

Our state-of-the-art interview conducting feature helps you to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. Filter candidates for interviews, customize rounds of interviews and provide various pointers about the candidate to the successive interviewer. With the assessment report showing against the candidate’s name in the software, the interviewer is equipped with all the information he/she needs.

Our technology assessments are created to meet global standards

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Thanks for your interest

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