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The Formac story: A snapshot:

Formac Software Services is a subsidiary of Formac Inc. (USA), a software development company which was founded in February 2008 with an aim to transform the user experience – from finding the right education to building a prosperous career with our suite of products and services.

Some of our unique products and offerings include EPracto (An online practice test software to help students to effectively practice for competitive exams), EYardstick (End-to-End assessment and recruitment solution) and Skoolcity (A platform containing the list of Schools and Preschools in India, covering every aspect of information).

We continuously strive to empower the educational institutions to produce high quality professionals and enable the industry to identify and recruit the right talent by developing and offering innovative solutions and software. Working across all major sectors, we have inherent business expertise across more than a dozen industries. Our consultants have demonstrated experience creating value for clients, and together with our proven assets, methodologies, partnerships and research capabilities, we act as trusted business advisors to our clients worldwide.

In the coming years, India is expected to become the world’s youngest country with the most number of people in working age group. We aim to revolutionize the corporate and the education industry with our innovative and radical solutions for recruitment and training. These solutions will encourage the corporate companies to invest in the higher education of the future generation. With our unique practice test software EPracto, we move a step ahead to enable colleges to generate high quality professionals who are more competent and industry ready. For students, we aim to raise the bar by aiding them in every step of their education. We also aspire to impact every young Indian in the next few years through our ingenious products and services.

At Formac, our core belief is that ‘Graduates should not follow a path rather they should leave a trail’.

Innovation – the cornerstone of our success:

We partner with clients to help them become high-performance businesses by providing them with insight, support and expertise. By leveraging our deep understanding of diverse challenges faced by the industry and education institutions, we have developed EYardstick – an all in one recruitment cum assessment software to support your business objectives and maintain a competitive advantage, at the same time. EYardstick contains a combination of research-based solutions with advanced technologies to revolutionize recruitment in this technical era and introduce innovative education in colleges itself. Our deep-set commitment to our customers defines how we do business and form the basis of our customer engagement model which would transform the way our clients do business. With our multi-faceted recruiting and recruitment software, we help you to reach the right talent in this interconnected, savvy and social world and make them motivated to stay connected and engaged with your organization and its culture.

In other words, we strive to create the best possible experience to redefine your hiring strategy, manage your talent hiring process to take it to great heights of success.

Also, we make sure that you will never have to make the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person. We have always something really unique to offer to improve your recruitment, whether you are hiring in-house or for your client, we confidently say that we take the guesswork out of your recruitment process and help you find the right candidates. The result which is incredibly astonishing would lead to improved recruiting practices, better hires, and satisfied stakeholders.

Our passionate team members bring decades of varied
experience with a portfolio of accomplishment.

Our Team

Our passionate team members bring decades of varied experience. They are driven with a vision for a recruitment industry where recruiters are not administrators, but talented professionals supported by the right mix of technology helping them assess and match people to the right jobs. The Formac Management Team comprises of highly educated, cohesive and motivated software professionals with excellent knowledge to anchor the organization and relentlessly provide world-class products and solutions.

Our management team combines their strategic and business experience with their passion for innovation and expertise to excel in the domain of IT and education sector. They believe in delivering high quality services which is driven by intellect, integrity and commitment for their work. Nimble and creative, they’ve helped clients and partners find solutions for all types of problems or requirements across all areas.

Our executive management consists of alumni from IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) & UIC (University of Illinois, Chicago).

Meet us if you are interested in knowing how we help organizations tackle their hiring challenges and help them grow with the right technology to streamline their recruiting.

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