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1 Programming Fix Errors The programs will have errors in the programs which has to be fixed by the test takers
2 Helpdesk Analyst Organization Behaviour, Business Communication, Operations Research, Business Statistics, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Accounting, Financial management, Human Resource Management, Business Law, Strategic Management
3 A+ Essentials1 Creating a custom theme from scratch
4 Magento Front End Developer Magento structure, Magento themes, Layouts, templates and blocks, Javascript, Pages, static blocks and widgets, Transactional emails, Translations, Custom Themes
5 Magento Advanced Developer Ecommerce with Magento, Magento Customization, Magento Store, SEO on Magento, Muti-site planning
6 Magento Basic Developer basics, Request Flow, Rendring, Database in Magento, Entity-Attribute Value Model, Service Contracts, Admin HTML
7 Perl Basics, Subroutines, Hashes, Regular Expressions, Control Structures, Perl Modules, Process management, Slices, Trapping Errors
8 Perl Basics Introduction, Scalar Data, Lists and Arrays, Subroutines, Input and Output, Regular Expressions, Control Structures, Perl Modules
9 Civil Engineering Engineering Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Surveying
10 Networking-IP Address & Subnetting IPv4, IPv6, Subnet, Gateways, Route Tables,DHCP, Static IP Address
11 Networking-Ethernet & IEEE Standard Local area network and Ethernet,Types of Ethernet networks,Switch,Power over Ethernet,Ethernet frames, MAC addresses, collisions and CSMA/CD,The older Ethernet - 10BASE-5 (Thick Ethernet) and 10BASE-2 (Thin Ethernet),Ethernet on UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair,Ethernet on fibre (fiber) optic cable,10Mbit/s Ethernet,Fast Ethernet,Gigabit Ethernet
12 Networking-Disk Quota & Remote Desktop Free Space,Limits,Administering,Enabling,Local and Remote Implementations,Auditing Disk Space Use,Exceeding Disk Quota Limits
13 Networking-Network Structured Cabling Network Structured cabling a complete overview,Structured cabling connectorisation techniques,Codes and standard in LAN structured cabling standard,Field of Applications,Lan structured cabling components,Testing procedures.
14 Networking-Network Protocols(TCP/IP Suite) different protocols like HTTP, TCP/IP, FTP, SSH, SFTP, TLS, SSL
15 Networking-Network Topologies different network topologies like Mesh, Star, Bus, Ring Tree
16 Networking-Network Models Network Models like Client Server, Peer to Peer, Hybrid
17 ME-Fluid Mechanics Fluid Properties,Fluid Statistics,Manometry,byoyancy,Control Volume Analysis of Mass,Momentum & Energy,Fluid Acceleration,Differential Equation of Continuity & Momentum,Bernoulli's Equation,Viscous flow of Incompressible Fluids,Boundary Layers,Elementary Turbulent Flow,Flow through pipes, head losses in pipes, bends
18 ME-Strength of materials Forces, stress, hooke's law, strain, analysis, sign convention, shear stress, Combination of stresses,Mohr's circle,Strain gauge,Stress strain relationship,Elastic constants,Stress strain diagrams,Mechanical properties,Section behaviour, boundary conditions,Thermal stress, compound bars,Pressure, type of failure,Cylinders: stress strain effects,Torsional loads, shear strain diagrams,Simple torsion theory, shafts,Torsion of shafts,Springs
19 ME-Operational Reasearch Linear Programming, Big M Method, Queuing Systems, Game Theory, Inventory Managment, Duality and Dual Simplex, Project Management
20 ME-Production Metal Cutting, Machine tools, Precision Measurement and Manufacturing, Metal Working, Modern methods of Manufacturing, Multipoint Machining, Dynamometry, Machine Tool Vibrations
21 ME-Theory of machines Mechanisms, Kinematics, Lower Pairs, Friction, Belts, chain and Ropes, Governors, Interia Force and Turning moment, Static and Dynamic force analysis, Gyroscopic and Precission motion
22 ME-Thermo Dynamics Scope, Structure, Laws of thermodynamics, Maxwell Relations, Thermodynamic Potentials, Stability of Thermodynamic systems, Phase Transitions
23 MBA-Marketing Consumer Behaviour and Relationship Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Brand Management, Services marketing, Digital marketing, International Marketing, Retail Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management
24 MBA-HR Human Resource Development, International HRM, Personnel management and Industrial Relations, Change management, Performance management, Learning and Development, Organizational Development
25 MBA-Finance Corporate Finance, Management of Financial Services, International Financial Management, Securities Evaluation and Portfolio management, Financial derivatives, Risk management and Insurance, Mergers and Acquisitions
26 CSE-Operating Systems Overview of OS, Structure of OS, Process Management, Process Scheduling, Memory Management, File System & I/O Management, Distributed Operating System, OS Security
27 CSE-DBMS Introduction to Databases, Data Modelling, Relational Model, SQL, DB Design, Transaction Management, Object oriented DBMS
28 CSE-Computer Networks Computer networks, Networking layers, Network Models, Example networks like internet & novell netware, Network Hardware and Software
29 CSE-Algorithm and DataStructures Linked List,Doubly Linked List, Trees, Graphs, Sorting, Binary Search
30 EEE-Electrical and Electronic measurments Electrical Units and Dimensions, Power Measurement, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Analog Measuing Instruments, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Sendors and Transducers
31 EEE-Electric circuits and fields Circuit Theorems, basic circuit laws, Series and Parallel circuits, Magnetic Circuits, Capacitance, resistance
32 EEE-Electrical Machines Magnetic Circuits, Transformers, DC Motors, DC generators, Alternators, Induction Motor
33 EEE-Power Systems Power system components, Induction, Resistance, capacitance of Transmission lines, Power Generation, Transmission Sub-Sytem, Interconnected systems
34 EEE-Power electronics and Drives Power Electronics devices like Power Diode, Power Bipolar Transistors, Thyristors, Convertors, Rectifiers, Inverters, motor drives like Synchronous and Induction
35 ECE-Electronic Devices Semi Conductor Diodes, Diode Applications, Bipolar Junction Transistors, Field Effect Transistors, Operational Amplifiers
36 ECE-Core Electronic Devices, Electrical circuits, Digital Signal Process, Electro magnetic theory, Signals and Systems, Analog and Digital Communications
37 ECE-Networks networking, Network models, Topologies, Architectures, IEEE network standards
38 ECE-Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Basic principles of Measurements, Signal Analysers, Oscilloscopes, Tranducers, DC and AC bridges
39 ECE-Analog Circuits Circuit Abstraction, Resisistive Networks, Network Theorems, Non linear circuits, RC and RL Circuits
40 ECE-Control Systems Non Linear Control Systems, Distributed Control Systems, Digital Control Systems and Error Controls in Digital Communication
41 ECE-Analog Communications different types of modulation like Amplitude, Angle, Pulse, Single side band and Double side band, Noise in AM and Noise Calculation
42 ECE-Satellite Communications Development and Configuration of Satellite Communications, Baseband Signals, Digital Communciation techniques, Uplink, Downlink, Satellite Networks, Earth Stations, Communication payload
43 ECE-Signal Systems Continous Time Signal, Discrete Time Signal, Laplace Transform, Fourier Transform
44 ECE-Systems Signal, Analog, Digital, Control Systems
45 ECE-Digital Circuits Number Systems, Logic Gates, Logic Devices, Flip Flops, Sequential Circuits, Algorithmic State Machines, Logic Familes, Timing Circuits
46 ECE-Magnetics Electromagnetic spectrum, Electric fields, Magnetic Fields, Electro dynamics, Radiation, Transmission Lines, Antennas
47 ECE-Electronic Devices & Circuits Semi Conductor Diodes, Diode Applications, Bipolar Junction Transistors, Field Effect Transistors, Operational Amplifiers
48 C Language-Files file-handling, Binary I/O file functions
49 C Language-IO Input and Output built-in functions like scanf, printf
50 C Language-Structure Unions Enums Declaring, Accessing of Structure Unions and Enums
51 C Language-Storage Classes different type of storage classess like auto, register, extern, static
52 C Language-Arrays & Strings Arrays like Single-Dimensional, Multi-Dimensional Arrays, basics of strings, built-in functions.
53 C Language-Control Structures Decison Making structures like if, if else, nested if else and Loops like for, while, do while, nested loops
54 C Language-Operators C Operators like Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Bitwise, Assignment, Miscellanous
55 C Language-Basics C language basics like history, Installation, syntax, program structure, data types, variables, constants
56 C Language-Data Structures Linked lists, Graphs, Queues, Searching, Sorting StacksTrees, Sorting
57 C Language-Functions Declaring functions, Functions structure, Built-in functions, User functions
58 C Language-Pointers pointers, Declaring pointers, Using pointers for Arithmetic operations and tricky questions
59 Verbal-Sentence Modification Active and passive Voice, Direct and Indirect Speech
60 Verbal-Sentence Correction spotting grammatical errors, sentence improvement
61 Verbal-Para Jumbles Rearrangement of Jumbled Sentences in Paragraphs, Rearrangement of Jumbled words in Sentences
62 Verbal-Reading Comprehension finding the main idea or a suitable title, drawing inferences, determining the author's style, mood or point of view
63 Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Sentence Correction, Para Jumbles, Sentence Modification
64 Verbal-Vocabulary Antonyms, Synonyms, Analogies, One Word Substitution, Sentence Completion, Idioms and Phrases
65 Spatial Reasoning 3D figures, Analogies, Matrix, Odd one out
66 Reasoning-Data Interpretation Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line Diagrams, Histograms, Tables
67 Verbal Reasoning Assertion and Reasoning, Blood Relations, Coding and Decoding, Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Decision making, Direction Sense, Puzzles, Seating Arrangement, Series problems, Spotting the Error, Symbol Operations
68 Non Verbal Reasoning Mirror images, Water images, spotting the odd one, finding the pattern
69 Logical Reasoning Syllogisms, Input and Output, Statement and Assumptions, Statement and Conclusions, Venn Diagrams, Deductive Reasoning, Statement and Course of Action, Situation Reaction
70 Quant-3D Geometry Cube,Cuboid,Cylinder,Cone,Sphere,Hemisphere
71 Quant-Modern Maths Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Progressions, Binomial theorem, Sets
72 Quant-Geometry Lines and Angles, Polygons and Circles, Co-ordinate Geometry, Volumes and Areas, Trigonometry
73 Quant-Algebra Functions, Equations and Age Problems, Inequalities, Surds and Indices, Logarithms, Determinants, Matrices
74 Quantitative Aptitude Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Maths, Geometry and Mensuration
75 Quant-Arithmetic Number System, Averages, Mixtures and Alligations, Partnership, Percentages and Fractions, Clocks and Calendars, Ratio and Proportion, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Simplification, Time and Distance, Boats and Streams, Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns
76 Reasoning Data Interpretation,Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning

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