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Flextronics International Ltd.


Electronics manufacturing services and Original design manufacturer – ODM


10,001+ Employees


Flex LTD
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About Flextronics

Flex Ltd. is an American multinational technological manufacturer. It is the third largest global electronics manufacturing services, original design manufacturer company by revenue, behind only Taiwan’s Pegatron to original equipment manufacturers.


Flextronics hires around 500 laterals for their service engineering team. Approximately 400 candidates are resume shortlisted for the open positions every month and they walkin to Flextronics for further rounds of evaluation. With stringent requirements set for Job roles in Flextronics, a lot of candidates get rejected and time spent in interviewing them is huge. Hiring team is swamped with talking to these candidates leaving them less room for other administrative tasks.


Flextronics onboarded EYardstick as their preliminary evaluation tool. The candidates once arrive at Flextronics location has to go through the test and only test shortlists are considered to spend time talking to the interview panel. Interview Panel usually talking to a candidate out of the blue is now well aware of the candidates performace displayed for the necessary competencies in a comprehensive report given by EYardstick


  • Recruitment team and Technical panel talks to only qualified candidates saving a lot of time and effort
  • Candidates doesn’t have to wait for hours for taking to interview panel.
  • The entire process is streamlined with objective evaluation which brought in uniformity across assessment of candidates
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