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Logistics Skill Council


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About LSC

Logistics Sector Skill Council, (LSC) a society registered under the Societies Registration act, 1860 is a not for profit organization set up by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) though National Skill Development Corporation of India (NSDC) and promoted by Confederation of Indian Industries Institute of Logistics (CII-IL) a Centre of Excellence in Logistics with the aim to develop skill trained as well as up-skill the workforce in India.


LSC is an association that certifies candidates on National Skills Qualification Framework based tests. Their certificate has global recognition. Tests were conducted in the nook and corner of the country. Tests comprised of Knowledge Section and Skill section which is manually assessed by a physical assessor. The entire process was manual and needless to say, human errors, delays in uploading results, malpractices popped up everywhere.


For the manual paper based tests for Knowledge section, EYardstick’s online tests were used to replace the pen-paper based tests. The interview feedback capturing mechanism is set with introducing various roles based on need to know, so the assessor has only an option to grade the candidate against the skill question that is popped and even the assessor is not aware of the weightage of the question so masking assessor from being the determiner of the Skill test results.


  • Turnaround time for Knowledge tests was fast, since no more manual corrections and no waiting for answer paper arrival for marks calculation and communication
  • All the human errors were completely ruled out because of the complete automation of the tests.
  • Malpractices were curbed because of exposing features to the concerned personnel based on need to know basis
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