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About Mercedes Benz

Established in 1994, Mercedes-Benz India Pvt. Ltd. has pioneered the luxury car market in India and it currently boasts of more than 128 years of cutting edge innovation in the luxury automobile industry, globally. The Mecedes-Benz India product portfolio comprises of the locally produced S-Class, E-Class, C-Class, GLA , GL and the M-Class and the completely built imported cars like the A-Class, B-Class, CLA, CLS , SLK etc.

Mercedes-Benz India’s strong focus on its four pillars of Products, Network, Cost of Ownership and Brand experiences has led the company’s growth story with a total of 78 outlets located in 39 Indian cities, making it the brand with the densest network in the luxury segment.

‘Mercedes-Benz’ stands for tradition, innovation, the future of the automobile and represents quality and safety on roads throughout the world. As an automotive pioneer, the company has been committed to excellence and it acts responsibly towards society and the environment, to shape the future of safe and sustainable mobility with its ground-breaking technologies and high-quality products.

Hiring Challenges

In 2015, Mercedes Benz faced challenges in hiring as they had 50 openings for experienced technical roles such as mechanical engineers, java developers, design engineers etc. They did have a system in place to test the technical skills of candidates which consisted of MCQs – which was a bit conventional and fragmented. Though this tool helped them assess the theoretical knowledge of candidates, it could not assess or evaluate their real-time technical skills.

While the assessment was valid, the team was not able to test the real-time application skills of candidates. In addition, they needed a method to gauge candidates’ personality to help them understand where they fit and plan for their training and also optimize their hiring process. Nevertheless, they needed something that will bridge this gap in these specific spheres of their recruitment process, altogether.

How EYardstick helped

EYardstick’s 360-degree assessment served to be the key and a holistic solution to Mercedes Benz which helped them assess candidates on various levels. In addition to standard online assessment which focused on aptitude, verbal and reasoning which helped them do the initial shortlisting, coding and personality tests were also conducted using the software.

The technical/coding tests helped to assess candidates on real time capabilities in 8 programming languages which are Java, C, CPP, JAVA, PHP, PERL, PYTHON, C#, RUBY etc. The tests also helped in assessing candidates’ thought process and how efficient their coding skills were.

With EYardstick’s live monitoring system, the recruiters were able to do all the following:
  • Authenticate the candidate’s identity
  • Watch the live feed of the candidate and get live updates every few seconds
  • Receive alerts about any suspicious behaviour of candidates’ and if they move out of the test window
  • See how many candidates are attending the exam in real-time
  • Take random pictures or shots of candidates during the test
  • Terminate any test from the dashboard

EYardstick’s personality tests which were tailor-made for lateral hiring also helped Mercedes Benz to assess candidates’ critical and strategic thinking, behavioural tendencies like innovation, learning motivation, people skills, leadership etc.

The EYardstick Impact

By using EYardstick’s online tests, 500 out of 3000 candidates were shortlisted in the initial rounds. The hard core coding tests helped to evaluate the candidates’ practical skills of the 500 and 165 of them were shortlisted for the final rounds. Instead of the company having to evaluate the skills of 500 candidates efficiently, they could shorten that amount to 165, selecting the most talented candidates in quick time and the best ones were filtered out. This highly reduced the time and efforts spent on hiring by 50%.

EYardstick’s advanced coding tests helped them hire the best developers by evaluating their actual coding skills with real-time tests.

The psychometric tests which provided insights into the candidates’ behavioural aspects helped improve the training plan. This in-turn led to better team work, dynamics and higher productivity. This also helped to gain insights into the skill gaps of the workforce that resulted in better employee performance and better training yields.

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