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Company Name

Sanmar Group


Chemicals, Shipping, Engineering and Metals


1001-5000 employees


The Sanmar Group,
9, Cathedral Road,
Chennai – 600 086, Tamil Nadu, India.
Tel. : + 91 44 2812 8500
Fax. : + 91 44 2811 1902
Email :

About Sanmar

The Sanmar Group has come a long way since its first international foray back in the 1970s. Since then, the Group has set the benchmark for global partnerships in a range of industry segments. These are partnerships based on trust, transparency and respect for intellectual property rights. Characterised by strong and conservative financial practices, the Group has a track record of steady growth and consistent excellence in all of its businesses. The Group has 100% or majority or significant holdings in all its businesses.


Sanmar’s campus recruitment process involves evaluating around 15000 candidates an year with an assessment followed by interview process. Interview feedback and tracking was done through XLs and since the interview of candidates happen almost at the same time across various locations in India, it was a nightmare for the team to manage the feedbacks and coordinate regarding filling of the numbers. Interview feedback was subjective and it introduced complications in final selection of the candidates


EYardstick’s automated Campus hiring process was adapted by the Talent Acquisition team of Sanmar, The assessments are digital and test shortlists were promoted to Interview process which had all the prefilled competencies required for an interviewer to rate against. Entire syncing of data was live and the number of shortlists in various rounds of interviews were tracked in real-time. Coordination between teams conducting interviews was on real time and the head office was able to monitor the entire proceedings in a dashboard to intervene when necessary.


  • The automated interviews enabled a better management and faster turnaround
  • Hassle of XLs, collating, coordination was completely taken out of the picture
  • The entire process which used to take days is now cut short to less than a day
  • Monitoring of the entire campus hiring activity is just a click away for the team and was even done in mobiles
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