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SLK Software Services Pvt. Ltd.


Software Industry


5001-10,000 Employees


8th Floor, MFAR Manyata Tech Park Greenheart – IV,
Manyata Embassy Business Park,
Nagawara, Outer Ring Road,
Bengaluru – 560045

About the Company

SLK software is an IT Services organization that delivers world class solutions to fortune 500 clients across the globe. SLK provides business process and software services serving multiple industries. SLK Software offers Consulting, Business Transformation, Solution Architecting and a wide array of IT solutions and services.

About the challenge

A typical quarter at SLK looks like wrapping a few projects, on-boarding a few projects, transitioning from one project to another project. In Q1 of this year, a few of the delayed projects from the last financial year were at the closing state which would anticipate the release of 120 resources approximately from 13 teams. Besides this there were around 100 resources that were on bench. Since new financial year kicked off, SLK stated services for 3 projects which are about to take-off, especially, implementation.

The main problem was how a few teams can be built from these 220 resources. A team will have senior, mid and junior programmers, testers, developers, database administrator, unix administrator and many more. The mapping of resources was the question of that hour and what is the basis for this categorization? Previous leads feedback and rating was brought in to consideration but it did not serve as complete criteria for selection to various teams because the scale of measurement was subjective and over 100 resources didn’t have leads at that point of time!


Using Eyardstick, they created a comprehensive assessment test. It was a combination of Process Based Questions, Project Management Questions, IT language based MCQs, Coding questions, SQL questions along with a Personality test that measured key behavioral dimensions like Leadership skills, performance orientation, EI Quotient.

This test was administered keeping 3 benchmarks in mind – selection of Seniors, Midlevel & Junior resources.

The entire test was administered on a Friday. The management received instant detailed reports after the completion of assessments.

The technical test helped in categorizing the skill based on proficiency level, while personality test helped in grouping teams.

Analytics were provided in EYardstick to make the analysis of the whole test simpler. After seeing the analysis, opinions were taken from the leads of these resources and their prior performance to validate the correlation of the test results to opinion. Here is where SLK was really happy – the results matched to a maximum extent of deviation to 0.05. And now management of SLK were able to take a concrete decision on forming teams with various category resource of varied skill level to take up these new projects.

A daunting task which was supposed to involve lot of time effort but still not constructive base for solving this problem was resolved in no time.

” Thank You Formac for the product EYardsitck, it helped us in a way we never imagined and we are looking forward to formalize this implementation for most of the similar tasks going forward” – CTO SLK Software

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