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Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.,


Software company




Estancia IT Park,
Plot No. 140 & 151, GST Road,
Vallancherry Village,
Chengalpattu Taluk,
Kanchipuram District 603 202, INDIA
Phone : 044 – 67447070 / 044 – 71817070
Fax : 044 67447172

About ZOHO

At Zoho, software is our craft and passion. We create beautiful software to solve business problems. Over the past decade of our journey, the Zoho suite has emerged to be a leader in the cloud and on your devices. As much as we love software, it is our people and our culture that are our most valuable assets. Our people spend years mastering the craft. In an industry where technology changes at a relentless and dizzying pace, we value persistence and endurance as highly as adaptability.


Zoho has a lot of certification courses which are offered and taken by candidates across the country in both online and offline mode. Post completion of the course, the tests were conducted manually in a proctored environment and upon successful fulfillment of the preset criteria for the test they were awarded certification. Manual administration of the tests, collection of answer and question papers and then correcting post updating the results costed ZOHO a lot of time, effort and cost.


EYardstick provided Zoho with a proctored digital assessment. The test was taken by candidates anywhere anytime but was proctored by a webcam and the random screenshots were taken along the duration of the test. Flags were raised if the system detected any malpractice. Browser switch was prevented making the candidates stay the entire duration of test in the test window unless explicitly the candidate opted to quit and all the unanticipated issues like system crash, internet disconnectivity were handled giving a fail proof solution for the certification exams.


  • Candidates can take the certification test from anywhere and anytime
  • Tests were completely proctored so no need for any manual invigilators
  • Turnaround time was fast so the results were announced to the certification test givers in no time
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