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Anamika Singh
07 May 2018
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What happens when a job seeker is researching your company and you don’t have a clear employer brand? They have no way of knowing your company values and culture. Employer branding represents the image that a company forms as a potential employer. A company with a strong image is considered a distinctive place to work. It also promises attractive brand values and career prospects. But, it is also important to maintain the image that the company built. Few companies like Flipkart, Zomato, Grofers and a Healthcare start up Portea Medical could not maintain the employer brand even though they had a good public image.

It is important to every company

A 2015 survey from CareerArc found 75 percent of job seekers consider a company’s public image before applying. Employers face lots of obstacles when it comes to building employer brand. Especially, for the small and mid-size companies, it’s difficult to stand out from the established names. By distinguishing your brand from the competitors and promoting the strengths and values will ensure you stay ahead. But there are ways for every company to create a successful brand.

Let’s look at a few factors that can be considered as Employer branding efforts:

Career page: It is the place where the prospective employees interact with the company. An outdated, confusing or lengthy career page should be avoided. There should be information about corporate culture, pictures and videos. Leading companies use this page to convey their employee value proposition.

Job Boards: Posting jobs on industry-focused sites will give an opportunity for your company to show employee value proposition. Posting a compelling job description in the right location will definitely optimize the outcome.

Employee review and candidate experience: This is a very crucial factor. Employees are also ambassadors of the company. They give feedback to their circle about the company. They can make or break the image. Portals like Glassdoor give them the opportunity to pen down their thoughts about the company. Also, the candidates’ experience should be analyzed. Their experience describes how you interact with them at every step. They form an impression about your company which they further communicate to the world.

Awards and recognition: Showcasing the awards received by the company on the websites will always work.

Recruitment marketing: Many leading companies have an engaging job description, company culture blogs and social media interactions. Having active website is also considered as a plus point. It is a way in which companies creatively express themselves to the prospective candidates. To provide insider perspective will always be helpful to convince the prospects.

Corporate social responsibility: This has a large impact on the image of the company. It showcases the causes that the companies support. Companies contribute time, energy and money to specific issues and encourage their employees to engage in it as well. CSR activities should be promoted with pride.

There are various possible ways of implementing the above factors. Let’s look at a few:

Interactive website: Website is the face of the company in the virtual world. So it should be attractive, informative and engaging. Multimedia content, such as videos and pictures of the company’s infrastructure, awards, activities and social gatherings give people a good feeling. A website should always be updated. It is important to identify your company’s uniqueness and then spread that message to the world.

Social media interaction: As one of the biggest recruitment trends of 2015-16, the power of social media is only intensifying! Employee testimonials can be shared on the various social media which will communicate the experiences that the company wants the market to know. Let the employees do the talking and spread the news by sharing the company news page in different channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Use technology to increase digital footprint by using social sites.

Productive engagement: The employees usually in day to day work follow a mundane routine of doing functional work. Any employee engagement activity with them like quizzes or contests related to their domain will energize the environment. For example a conducting periodic coding contest for IT employees will give them a boost in brushing up their skills. In accordance with the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, “engaged employees promote a positive brand to next-gen talent.”

Develop healthy workplace culture: It is important to retain old employees; after all, they are one of the ambassadors of your company. They have to be nurtured and given a great work atmosphere. It can be created by fostering a sense of community and connecting the employees on a meaningful level through a variety of activities. This will give them a kind of positive working culture.

Monitor your employer brand: In the process of building the brand it is important to monitor it. Continue to gain insights from the current employees, know about the market needs and trends, and leverage the positive employee experience.

Developing an employer brand is not a small task. It requires top management support. To be consistent and persistent is the key to achieve the desired goal. Some of the highly ranked companies like Google have some distinctive.

Success stories

HCL started leveraging social media for innovative campaign to position it as an innovative employer and lead generation in 2014. The Talent Brand Index of HCL increased from 9% to 16% and it moved to 4th largest engaging employer brand on LinkedIn compared to 8th rand the previous year.

Aditya Birla Group: They made LinkedIn as their first choice on social media because of the professional context and robust targeting that it offers. They communicated Employee Value Proposition to a pool of professionals. Dynamic career page, leveraging their employees’ networks to engage talent were a few steps which helped them to hire quality professionals at the end.

InMobi featured in India's Top 100 Companies to Work For 2016 (list by the Great Place to Work Institute). "The key to the success has been that the Employer Brand InMobi has shared with the world is an accurate reflection of what it’s really like to work for the company” InMobi's Director of Human Resources, Kevin Freitas, in an interview with LinkedIn. There was 95 percent reduction in spending on recruitment agencies once they started using social platforms all by themselves. Most important of all, higher quality of candidates were coming in.

There is a clear sign that the competition for talent is becoming more challenging. This scenario is making us give more attention to strengthen the employer-branding. Results might not be prompt but with persistence it can make wonders for any organization. In our new world of social transparency, organizations can utilize the various platforms to build a positive employer brand image. Companies will definitely gain a competitive advantage by taking long-term approach to invest in developing their brand with long-term business goals.

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