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Video Assessment

Video Assessment is a disruptive technology, designed specifically for the candidate selection.

EYardstick allows organisations to develop a custom video assessment combined with knowledge or skill tests and distribute it to a large set of potential hires to evaluate against a pre-set benchmark.


What Is In It For Us ?

Video interviews are much faster than traditional telephonic interviews in which; up to 80% of the candidates get rejected. EYardstick does the job of finding the right fit for you so you can only talk to the right candidates in subsequent interview rounds.

Put an end to traditional scheduling and conducting time consuming initial round of telephonic, Skype interviews and say Hello to automated video responses to your questions and tests which you can rate, view, share and collaborate at your convenience.

  • Know your candidate before he knows you
  • Spend more time with the right candidate – No more wasted phone interviews
  • Create an Engaging Candidate Experience that showcases your brand
  • Make your recruitment team’s life easier
  • Justify the resume of a candidate sent to the Hiring Manager with detailed analysis on various assessed parameters set for the role

How Does It Work ?

  • Set the number of allowed takes/attempts for a question
  • Set the Custom time for a question
  • Use your questions or choose from our database of questions developed by industry experts
  • View responses from anywhere, anytime.
  • Rate, give feedback, collaborate and take the decision on the fly

Streamline your recruiting efforts by introducing EYardstick’s online assessments to your talent acquisition process.

Coding / DB Simulators

Identify top developers using our online coding tests.

Measuring the coding skills of a candidate is far different from assessing him/her on knowledge. EYardstick has a custom solution with pre-set of coding questions, database query based questions developed by our team of experts to identify the skill of the candidate with respect to the programming language or a database.


How Does It Work ?

EYardstick is all about innovative ways of improving the candidate selection process, we go a step deep into making questions for the online coding test depending on their need, be it the Algorithm Based questions or Data Structures or Fix the Error kind of questions or case-wise built problem statement questions.

We balance out the candidate’s attitude to attempt a programming question in a recruitment evaluation process by engaging the candidate with testing based on short, crisp snippets yielding in better candidate participation.

Work Sample Testing

Test any candidate’s skills by giving him an excerpt of actual work. Research shows that sample work testing is a better measure of performance at job than testing candidates on knowledge or basic aptitude.

Short But Intuitive Programs

Candidates don’t like solving long, time consuming problems. Keeping this in mind our platform caters to short and crisp algorithmic problems as well as fixing the code kind of programs that can be completed in a short duration; yet bringing out the best of the candidate

Objective Scoring

EYardstick’s coding challenges measure against a common set of criteria which outputs objective results . Code is evaluated against a set of random test cases besides Memory Consumption, Execution Speed, CPU Utilization, number of Compilation Attempts and more

Sales / Marketing Simulators

Go beyond the routine tests to identify sales and marketing resources, Go Real.

Identifying top performers defines the difference between your company’s success or failure in competitive markets; especially Sales and Marketing. EYardstick identifies these top performers by adapting a blend of quantitative and objective candidate evaluation mechanisms in its assessments.

How Does It Work ?

Hiring a bad sales or a marketing candidate has a camouflage effect. It can add more cost burden on the company. EYardstick’s Sales and Marketing assessments put an end to this; merely, by checking candidates based on their CVs and moving forwards confirming the knowledge needed for the role. Besides, the psychological preferences brings an objective way of analysing the candidate’s fitment to the role.

EYardstick online assessments are data-driven method of identifying the right fit by removing gut, intuition, emotional decisions from the talent acquisition process. Some of the tests we administer to identify the best talent in sales and marketing are

Personality Tests

Measure of various behavioral dimensions to gauge the needed traits for sales in a candidate. We leverage a combination of profiling methods to arrive at a conclusion on the candidate’s inclination to succeed in the job.

Cognitive Tests

Candidate’s Logical reasoning, knowledge of a specific role and analysis of the data to achieve at a conclusion are a few parameters measured.

Simulation Tests

Work Sampling, Situational Judgement, role-playing are measured in these tests. It basically tests candidates performance in real time work environment situations.

Writing Ability Test

Writing ability test is mostly used as an another measurement parameter for aspirant’s writing skills, coherence and clarity of thought process. These tests are very popular especially for hiring an entry level graduate or content writers or candidates whose role involves mostly with writing.


What is a Writing Ability Test ?

The candidate is supposed to write about given topic in a pre-set time under the maximum allocated words. The editor like a MS Word is given where the candidate can pour in his/her thoughts in a constructive way.

Going through all the Writings/Long Answers of candidates to take a call and shortlisting them for further screening is a one of the tedious and time consuming tasks. EYardstick goes a step ahead by adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) element to the evaluation process which automatically evaluates the Writings/Long Answers against 5 proven set criteria. 1. Style 2. Mechanics 3. Grammar 4. Orientation and 5.Usage, which gives an objective score by considering the length of the Writings/Long Answer within the given time, versus the above criteria. This aids recruiters to take step forward in the selection by only going through the top level conclusive analytics to understand the candidate’s thought process in evaluating the Written English ability.

Standard Assessments

Standard assessments are to evaluate the knowledge in combination with any one or all of the video assessments, video interviews, programming tests or writing ability assessments. Standard assessments are designed basically to assess the candidates on basic knowledge for a particular role in a very short duration of time.


Questions in standard tests can be of

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Answer Questions
  • Reading Comprehension/Data Interpretation
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Yes/No Type
  • Ranking Based
  • Listening Comprehension and more

Your Questions Or Our Questions

EYardstick is designed and tailored to readily choose topics of your need from its vast vault/database of questions. If the questions are not satisfying your requirement for a specific role, you can upload your own questions and use it for the test. There is also a provision to mix your questions with EYardstick’s indigenous questions to bring the best quality tests to measure the candidate on all needed parameters.


Eyardstick database of questions is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy; which in turn is represented under three different toughness levels as Easy, Medium and Hard for the sake of more easier categorisation and customer convenience.


At any point of time full confidentiality and integrity of the client questions are maintained and are never exposed to general audience. We follow a 3 layer security protocols to mask the data from unintentional use.

Progressive Assessments

When a need arises that a sequence of tests has to be conducted first one as an elimination followed by second one for selection and etc., EYardstick’s progressive assessments feature comes in handy. All one has to do is to select the shortlisted candidates from a test into the new progressive test.

We were conducting a graduate recruitment drive for about 5000 potential candidates who were supposed to go through a 120 minute test, instead we conducted a first one as a 45 minute test and then took the cream from this and inputted these to a new 60 Minute test which yielded in the perfect set of candidates for our need.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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