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Hire the best fit with EYardstick

EYardstick is a feature-rich product that has a solution for every need and the design is made in such a way that it provides a premium user experience. Also, with its pay-per-use model and SAAS hosting there is never a performance glitch whatsoever. Being hassle-free in every step is the benefit we can all get from EYardstick.

The Talent-Acquisition software that connects opportunity to talent

Multiple ways of sourcing freshers or laterals is supported in EYardstick. If the source of candidates already exsts,
candidates can be uploaded in bulk or one by one, walk-ins or instant.

Bulk Upload

Source freshers or laterals in multiple ways using our assessment software. If the source of candidates is already available, they can be uploaded in bulk, individually, through walk-ins or on an instant basis.

Graduate Sources

EPracto, a skill enhancement software developed by Formac which is used by more than 50,000+ graduates across the country serves as a great graduate source with a huge database of students.

Lateral Sources

We conduct real-time code evaluation contests and challenges across India to identify talent. We also conduct mock certification tests for all laterals which helps you to identify the most talented candidates.

Live status updates & Advanced security features

  • Webcam proctoring

    Candidates are continuously monitored through webcam. Thus, EYardstick instantly alerts if a candidate employs any unfair means to cheat the test. This will not only help to curb cheating but also detect incident reports and suspicious behaviour in real-time.

  • Secure Browser

    EYardstick locks down the testing environment and when your candidates use the browser, they will be unable to print, copy, go to another URL tab, or access other applications running in different windows. It is the most secure way for candidates to take the assessments.

  • IP Restrictions

    The software can limit unauthorized users, or unknown users based on the IP address or domain lookup by providing protection against denial of service and brute force attacks on the server and website.

Fully – customizable interviews

EYardstick’s state-of-the-art customizable interview module transforms the interview process altogether and makes it your competitive advantage.

The software can be used to conduct any rounds of interview which are fully customizable with feedback and rating options to rate the candidates, besides – Select, Reject and On-Hold functionality and they can be scheduled at any given any scheduled time.

EYardstick contains interview questions that are custom tailored for specific positions or job-roles to your requirements. They act as a perfect supplement for assessments for completing the recruiting lifecycle and help you to make better data-driven hiring decisions to select the right candidate.

Our passionate team members bring decades of varied experience with a portfolio of accomplishment.

Data Security

We are about security as much as you do

The concept of data security has evolved over the last few years to the point that it is right at the forefront of people’s minds, but with EYardstick there are no absolutely no worries. We implement the right security measures that enable hiring managers or recruiters’ data to remain credible and lead the way for a smoother hiring experience. We enforce a strong 3-layer protocol to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability of your data at all times. We guarantee Data Security, Data Backup and Data Privacy and we follow encryption of client data wherever necessary to avoid arising vulnerabilities. With having an industry standard SSL, we also make sure that the data transfer is secure. It is important to know that the Data is hosted on Amazon and we follow compliance standards to ensure utmost security and privacy of your data and there is no chance of worry that it falls into wrong hands.

A plethora of features to make your hiring process fast and simple.

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