Coding Contests

The process of candidate elimination is much faster nowadays as it allows companies to test specific skills like time management, creative and innovative thinking etc.

We allow your employees to participate in coding contests/puzzle competitions, which help in reducing organizing career fairs for hiring, making the hiring process transparent and robust.

Coding contests in EYardstick goes a step beyond is assessing the right skills compared to the traditional metrics like the number of years of experience and the pedigree of the individual and institution where candidates originate.

Recruiters get a chance to check out a programmer’s abilities, while programmers get an opportunity to show off their skills and distinguish themselves.

Employee Engagement

Candidates must be practically aware of the work they are going to do and hence they would need minimum training. Fresh candidates need to be trained for any type of IT related jobs particularly so that they could get a glimpse of the nature of the role and perform better at work situations.

We provide real-time projects to help candidates learn important topics and we constantly organize webinars for candidates to acquire knowledge, in addition to keep them engaged, drastically reducing L & D time.

We are a top choice for recruiters who are looking to sail over the competition.


Gamification converts the boring and frustrating task of hiring into fun and exciting elements.

Businesses are excited about prospective employees playing their way into a job. The whole concept of gamification has the potential to unearth the on-the-job performance of the candidate by providing him/her with a simulated platform of the job which also helps in unveiling the actual behaviour and capabilities of the individual. The game mechanics are primarily designed to drive competition, and play to candidates’ sense of drive and need for recognition and achievement.

It helps employers and recruiters to create interest of qualified candidates in their job openings and companies, at the same time boosting and building your employer brand by differentiating your company from your competition. Information technology research firm Gartner Inc. predicted that over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 organisations will have at least one gamified application by 2017, with a belief that 25% of day-to-day business processes will be using aspects of Gamification. Thus this in fact gives rise to a great experience for the candidate and the organization itself which has the potential to revive a lifeless recruitment process.

Gamification thus is attractive and can be honed as an innovative platform for the companies. It helps in establishing the brand as a leader in its field.

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