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Custom Test

Eyardstick supports all combinations of tests. Creating tests in EYardstick is done in just a few clicks. Different question types and different topics can be grouped together into a single test.

We offer the option to create a custom test to hire a Sr. Web Developer, for instance. In a single test, you can combine knowledge based questions of medium difficulty level with programming  based questions of Easy toughness level and also a couple of video questions to replicate a challenging telephonic interview.

You control the Topics, Type of Questions, Toughness Level, Duration, Marks and many more specifications which make the evaluations fill in the exact gaps for your need.

Interview Feedback Management

Once the test is completed in EYardstick, the candidates can be shortlisted in the system by applying filters. These candidates can be promoted for interviews. There is no need of maintaining Excels or Papers for the interview process. Interview rounds can be created to replicate the formal hiring process and Interviewers can be assigned for different rounds like; Technical, Management, HR rounds etc. Feedback can be captured in two ways objective as well as subjective. This avoids collection of the data in several systems and post the completion of the interviews. The final shortlists can be integrated to various HRMS or  ATS Systems through API integration for seamless experience.

Interview Feedback Management

Detailed Analytics

Reporting is one of the core strength of Eyardstick. The web page report explicitly delineates the detailed performance analytics of the candidates. The analysis is done in accordance to toughness level and also topic category. The report has the option to play the video answers of the candidates and give the feedback and scores.

For programming tests the candidate screen is simulated and can be evaluated against the code written besides an automated scoring given by EYardstick. Report along with the resume of the candidates when shared with the Hiring manager acts as a very critical justification parameter on why a Hiring Manager has to interview the candidate. Also the Hiring Manager gets to know the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses even before the interview so he/she can direct the interview to match their need.

Talent Connect

Talent Connect is a mode of connecting the candidates in campuses and Placement Officers with the Corporates. A dedicated web-page for the company is created which can be used for all communication between a college and a Corporate. This avoids all hassles of communication and sharing of student’s data in excels. This also helps the students to know more about the company and the role for which they are getting assessed.

White Labeling

This feature of Eyardstick helps the companies to design their own test login page for the candidates with customized themes, graphics and support details. They can add the logo, their favicon and also the background of the page to make it look more personalised for the corporate and enhance the company branding before the potential graduates.

API Integration

Integrations with Eyardstick is very easy. The API’s are provided in JSON format for easy integrations to any HRMS or existing systems within the organization like SAP Success factor, Taleo.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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