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Since the decisions on progressing the candidates in the recruitment pipeline is taken based on the EYardstick test shortlists, it is the platforms responsibility to maintain the integrity at all times, So is why EYardstick comes with a set of features just to curb candidates from malpractice.

Browser Switch Prevention

This feature prevents a test taker to navigate away from the test screen yet giving all the convenience of having the user take test from any of the browsers without additional need of any special software. The number of times a user is allowed to switch the browser during the test can be controlled by the test administrator.

Online Proctoring

One step ahead into the prevention of malpractice, the entire test is auto monitored through the webcam, Any possible deviations in the test is captured by taking screenshots and alerts are raised in the Reports of the candidates enabling Hiring Teams to take best decision.

Online Proctoring
Screen Sharing Software Detection

Screensharing Software Detection

Screen Sharing software is one of the methods used to beat the test by a candidate. The test is not allowed to progress if any online screen sharing software is detected. The instructions clearly state to disable any such softwares before starting the test. This feature rules out seeking of any external help during the test.

Question and Option Randomisation

Questions are randomised in such a way that candidates do not get the same questions unless it is mandated in the test settings and options are randomised so that even if questions repeat options are not the same.

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