Compute Hosting Engineer Test

Compute Hosting Engineer Test

Online Assessment for Testing Advanced Skill and Knowledge in Service Support and Delivery of Cloud Platform


Compute Hosting Engineer Test is for Devops Engineers, Data Engineer or Cloud Developers to assess their knowledge and Skill on service support and delivery of internal cloud platform. This test is ideal for professionals who are at a mid to senior level. Questions in this test primarily evaluate on the knowledge and skill on networking, compute, virtualization, storage, and automation.


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Questions in this test span across the below topics

  • VMWare Virtual Machines
  • SAN Storage
  • Networking
  • Vendor Neutral Cloud Advanced Concepts
  • Scripting / Programming

Roles for which the test can be conducted

  • Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Hosted Infra IT Engineer
  • Integrated Compute Platforms Operations Engineer
40 mins


Test Details

Section TypeTopic Name-LevelType of QuestionsQuestion CountDuration
Knowledge & Skill VMWare VSphere - Medium MCQ, MR, FTB 5 35 min
VMWare Cloud - Medium MCQ, MR, FTB 5
Cloud Advanced - Medium MCQ, MR, FTB 5
Networking ICS & VLAN - Medium MCQ, MR, FTB 5
Networking Protocol TCP/IP - Hard MCQ, MR, FTB 5
Python Medium MCQ, MR, FTB 10
Disposition Compute Hosting Work Sampling - Medium Video310 mins
40 mins

Test Customization

You can create custom tests by choosing from over 1000+ topics of various difficulty levels with a few clicks in the product.
Questions are prepared by Industry Experts and extreme caution is taken for Content validity, Relevance and Accuracy of the questions.

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