CPP / C++ Test – Associate Level

CPP / C++ Test – Associate Level

Online Assessment for Testing intermediate level Skills in conceptual and programming ability using C++


The test is intended for Software Engineers, Software Developers, IT Analysts, System Programmers and Senior Programmers who are at a Junior to Mid level. This exam evaluates skills on using C++ to develop Programs and applications, ability to write complex backend business logic using C++ Basic concepts etc.


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Questions in this test span across the below topics

  • Program Structure
  • Modifier types
  • Data Types, Variables, Constants
  • Storage Classes, Operators, Strings, Arrays, pointers
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Class and Objects

Roles for which the test can be conducted

  • C++ Automation Engineer
  • Linux C++ Developer
  • C++ Developer
  • C++ Software Programmer
  • Software Engineer
50 mins


Test Details

Section TypeTopic Name-LevelType of QuestionsQuestion CountDuration
Knowledge CPP Associate Level MCQ,MR,FTB 3030
Skill Coding CPPCoding120
50 mins

Test Customization

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Questions are prepared by Industry Experts and extreme caution is taken for Content validity, Relevance and Accuracy of the questions.

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